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General Health and Support Questions

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Because Michelle Moore is not a doctor, neither she nor Embrace Health, Inc. can provide medical advice. In addition, we are unable to diagnose a health condition or prescribe treatments. What we CAN do is provide knowledge, nutritional products and detailed options and other informational resources to significantly support your body’s ability to address stubborn health challenges while under the care of a medical professional. For example, we can provide you with details on how specific products are commonly used for the highest level of support. We can provide information about testing and diagnosis for medical conditions. We can also provide information about how Michelle Moore’s methods and programs are followed. However, it is your responsibility to choose whether or not to use a particular product or method or to follow a particular program based on thorough research and the guidance of a medical professional.

We strive to answer questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible and to provide personalized and ongoing support to all of our customers. Because we are a very small company with limited resources, it may take 24 hours or more to get back to you. Because our regular hours are Monday through Friday, questions received late on Friday through Sunday may be answered on Monday. We appreciate your patience.



We’re Here to Support You

We strive to provide exceptional customer service, to protect your security and privacy and to provide you with the best value and the most benefit from our products. Our experienced staff is here to answer your questions, walk you through Michelle’s methods and provide ongoing support on your path to health.

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