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Product Quality, Potency and Effectiveness

Biocidin liquid and Biocidin LSFEmbrace Health specializes in products of the highest purity and potency with a proven track record of success. Our featured products are professionally formulated for support with stubborn, chronic and recurring challenges.

Organic, wild crafted and minimally processed ingredients are used wherever possible along with testing and analysis to ensure product consistency and quality.

Experience and Expertise

Michelle Moore’s journey to health started when she was 27. She worked as a microbiologist in the pharmaceutical industry and began having recurring health challenges. Over the next four years she listened to her doctors and did what they said. She finally realized that the conventional medical protocols wouldn’t work for her. She was up against a wall with the healthcare system before accepting that she needed to find her own way. Michelle spent the next four years discovering how to heal herself by listening to her body and embracing holistic medicine.

Michelle and Les Moore
Michelle and Les Moore. Ex-Pharmaceutical Scientists and Holistic Health Advocates
Michelle came from a background in biotech research and was taught to solve problems using science. So when she began exploring alternative medicine, she used her research background to determine what worked and what didn’t. She eventually discovered tried-and-true methods that were successful on a level beyond what conventional medicine by itself could offer.

Michelle’s pharmaceutical industry experience combined with her own research and experiences in natural medicine led to the products and protocols she trusts for consistent and effective support.

Ongoing Support

At Embrace Health, Inc. we strive to provide exceptional customer service befitting the high quality of our featured products. Our experienced staff are here to answer your questions and provide ongoing product support on your path to health.

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