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Biocidin, Olivirex and G.I. Detox Frequently Asked Questions

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Bio-Botanical Research Ordering and Shipping Questions

We are unable to ship Bio-Botanical Research products outside the U.S. However, Bio-Botanical Research does have distributors in some countries. These distributors are not affiliated with us and may not offer the same product packs or special pricing that we offer. Below is a list of known international distributors:

New Zealand and Australia:
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The cost of shipping depends on which products you order and which shipment method you choose. You’ll see shipping options and prices before you finalize your order inside the shopping cart. Faster shipping methods cost more than slower methods. If an item includes free shipping, that information will be clearly shown inside the shopping cart during your order. For more details see our full shipping policy here.

After placing a successful order you will receive an email invoice showing the details of your order. If you do not receive this email within several minutes of ordering, be sure to check the spam folder or the junk folder of your email program. If you use Gmail, be sure to check your “Social”, “Promotions” or other tabs besides your “Primary” email tab. If your email invoice is not present, please contact us and we can verify your order status.

UPS Ground and USPS Priority mail are the primary shipping options for the Bio-Botanical Research products, unless you choose an expedited method. Please see our shipping details for approximate delivery times.



Bio-Botanical Research Product Questions

If you arrived at this website through one of Michelle Moore’s books, members websites or other informational resource, then please refer to that informational resource for specific protocols and methods to address specific challenges. For the general use protocols for Bio-Botanical Research herbal products, including amounts, timing and how to use for adults, children and babies, please click on the link below for the appropriate product kit:

  • Click here for the CD Herbal Detox Kit Protocol (Adobe PDF file)
  • Click here for the SI Herbal LSF Kit Protocol (Adobe PDF file)

The Bio-Botanical Research products should generally be taken a few hours apart from antibiotic drugs. This is because some supplements can interfere with or reduce the effectiveness of some antibiotics. This is a good general rule of thumb. However, these herbal products are generally very safe and can actually support the body’s healing process when used along with treatments, including antibiotics. Please note that the G.I. Detox product will bind with medications, so it should be used at least one or two hours apart from medications. For specific interactions between the prescriptions you are taking and any supplement, be sure to consult with your doctor and read the product insert for the drug in question to see which herbs are contraindicated, if any.

Antibiotics are important drugs that are often helpful and are a valid treatment option. Neither Michelle nor Embrace Health, Inc. condones that you stop taking a prescribed antibiotic drug unless directed to do so by a qualified medical professional. As with any drug, antibiotics have pros and cons and side effects. It’s ultimately your decision whether to use antibiotics or not. The key is to be under the care of a medical professional no matter what methods you choose to use.

These herbal products can generally be used at the same time as other supplements. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s best to take probiotics a few hours apart from supplements that may have antimicrobial properties to reduce the risk of reducing the potency of the probiotic. It’s also best to take cleansing clays, including G.I. Detox, a few hours after any other supplement, medication or antimicrobial products to reduce the risk of the clay binding with the supplement or medication and rendering it less potent.

Biocidin, Olivirex and G.I. Detox should not be used during pregnancy. This is a general precaution because these products have not yet been tested or approved for use during pregnancy. For nursing mothers, G.I. Detox can be used at the adult usage amount if well tolerated. It is suggested to use 1/2 the recommended adult usage amount of Olivirex and Biocidin while nursing. For details about product usage, please refer to the “How do I use the products” FAQ above. If you have questions about using a specific supplement or herbal ingredient during pregnancy or while nursing, please talk with a healthcare professional who is familiar with your particular needs.

Some of the herbal products are not appropriate for children below a certain age. Also, the usage amounts should be reduced appropriately depending on the child’s age. For details about usage for children, please refer to the “How do I use the products” FAQ above.

Some supplements may potentially cause problems if taken before surgery, especially products that thin the blood, like garlic. The Bio-Botanical Research products are generally very safe and well tolerated, however, the Olivirex and Biocidin products should not be taken before surgery as a general precaution. If you have more specific questions about certain supplements or specific ingredients, then be sure to consult with your doctor about your specific case. Questions to ask your doctor might include which specific ingredients should be avoided and why, how much of each ingredient could be a problem, and how long before surgery a particular ingredient should be avoided.

Bio-Botanical Research recommends avoiding the use of Biocidin for at least a few weeks after a fecal transplant. In addition, it is recommended to wait until a healthcare professional thinks the G.I. tract has stabilized before considering using Biocidin.

There are three different types of Biocidin – each one ideally suited for different kinds of support. Biocidin Liquid is best for gut or gastrointestinal challenges because it absorbs well in the GI tract. Biocidin LSF is ideal for systemic or internal support because its liposomal formulation (LSF) causes rapid absorption into the bloodstream and fast uptake into your cells, starting in the mouth. Biocidin TS is for upper respiratory and seasonal support and is a throat spray formulated in a base of alcohol for enhanced delivery to the back of the throat.

Please see Biocidin comparison chart for a detailed comparison of the three Biocidin products.

The herbal products are professionally formulated for broad spectrum support for stubborn challenges. However, it can take a little time for your body to heal itself and to experience the results you want. It’s common to see positive results within a week or two if the body is being properly supported with the appropriate usage amount. However, everyone is different. Also, these products are not a substitute or replacement for a complete program to address the challenge, including immune system support, diet changes, proper cleaning and hygiene, prevention measures, professionally prescribed treatments or remedies, and the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Nutritional supplements such as the herbal products on this website are not meant to treat or “cure” any kind of disease or medical condition. The purpose of broad spectrum nutritional supplements are to support the body to heal itself. It’s actually your body that “does the heavy lifting”. This is a difficult concept for many people to understand because we have all been programmed by drug companies to take a pill to fix our problems. But for most difficult health challenges, this mainstream concept of taking pill X to “cure” disease Y is not appropriate for nutritional supplements. It really does take a complete approach to address stubborn challenges – this is why Michelle wrote her books. Rather than putting all your stock in a single supplement, it’s better to address the challenge on multiple fronts as detailed in her books.

Vegetarian cellulose capsules are used for all Bio-Botanical Research products that come in capsule form.

No. All of the products are gluten free.

Yes. One of the ingredients inside the Biocidin product is made from walnut hulls. If you have a true allergy to walnut then Biocidin is not recommended. However, some people have reported sensitivity to the nut and have not had reactions to Biocidin. If you have nut allergies, the Olivriex product is a good substitute for Biocidin.

There are several pieces of literature which indicate there may be a connection between using echinacea and the worsening of symptoms of some autoimmune disorders. However, the literature’s findings are far from conclusive and usually involved relatively large doses of echinacea as a stand-alone type of supplement. The Bio-Botanical Research products contain a blend of many different herbs for which the content of any single herb, including echinacea, is relatively small. Despite the low echinacea content, it is prudent to start slowly with a low amount and monitor your progress for any potential negative symptoms or reactions if you have any concerns. If a reaction does occur, it’s usually best to stop using the supplement suspected of causing the problem, unless directed otherwise by a healthcare professional.

Detoxification or die-off reactions are not uncommon when taking potent antibacterial supplements or remedies, probiotics or when making substantial diet changes. Note that these reactions are also referred to as detox, detox reaction, cleansing reaction, herxheimer reaction, or bacterial die-off reaction.

This reaction doesn’t happen for everyone, but if it does, it’s a good sign. It means that flora changes are happening in your gut: “bad” bacteria are dying and your body is cleaning house to remove these bacterial toxins and associated waste products. However, if this process happens too quickly, it can lead to some unpleasant symptoms.

Detox symptoms can vary widely, but common symptoms may include feeling tired, brain fog, headaches, body-aches and nausea. Other symptoms may include diarrhea, gas and loose stools. Unfortunately, many of these symptoms are quite similar to common infection symptoms. Therefore, it can be challenging to know for sure if you are experiencing a detox reaction or the symptoms of an infection. However, if you just started a new supplement or probiotic, or recently increased the amount you are using, slowing down or temporarily stopping use of the product will allow for any negative symptoms to subside, which generally occurs within a day or two.

Fortunately, die-off or detoxification symptoms are generally mild, largely preventable and usually temporary. The best way to avoid these symptoms is to start slowly with any new supplements or when making healthy lifestyle changes. If you do experience symptoms that are too uncomfortable, the standard practice is to reduce or stop taking the suspected supplement for a few days to see if you feel better. If you feel better after reducing the supplement, then the supplement may be started again at a lower amount or at a lower pace, if well tolerated.

If a particular supplement is still not tolerated well after starting slowly, then you may have to avoid further use of the supplement.

When experiencing detox reactions, drinking plenty of water can be helpful to aid your body in flushing out toxins. Get extra rest to allow your body time to recuperate. The GI Detox product is made with charcoal and clay and is helpful for bacterial die-off reactions because it helps “mop up” toxins in the gut. This can reduce or eliminate any detoxification or die-off symptoms.