CD Herbal Detox Kit Protocol

For Gut Support

CD Herbal Detox ProtocolThe CD Herbal Detox Protocol utilizes the antimicrobial and immune-supportive herbal remedies Olivirex and Biocidin Liquid drops with the toxin binder GI Detox+.

The Biocidin Liquid formula predominantly targets the GI system. Olivirex supports both gut and systemic challenges. GI Detox+ targets the gut where it binds and supports the removal of microbial toxins and biofilm debris*.

These three products provide excellent broad-spectrum support for stubborn gut microbial challenges when combined with a spore probiotic and an immune supportive diet*.

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SI Herbal LSF Kit Protocol

For Skin and Internal/Systemic Support

SI Herbal LSF ProtocolThe SI Herbal LSF Protocol provides targeted antimicrobial support for infection challenges involving systemic biofilms, as well as skin and internal microbial challenges.

The Biocidin LSF (Liposomal) formula provides enhanced tissue absorption and easily passes into the lymph, blood and tissues of the body for systemic microbial support. Olivirex supports both gut and systemic challenges. GI Detox+ may be added for enhanced biofilm and bio-toxin absorption in the gut for aiding clearance from the body*.

For best results, combine this protocol with a potent, high quality spore probiotic, as well as an immune supportive diet.

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Spore-Based Probiotic Protocol

For Gut and Immune Support

Probiotic Restoration GuideThe five strains of naturally occurring Bacillus spores inside the MegaSporeBiotic product have been shown to: stimulate the growth of beneficial GI flora, enhance the immune system, reduce the side effects of antibiotic drugs, seek out and fight gut bacterial overgrowths and reduce intestinal inflammation. MegaSporeBiotic has also been shown to maintain a healthy gut-barrier function as well as support many chronic health conditions*.

Inside the RestorFlora product is the beneficial yeast species S. boulardii, which provides support for antibiotic-associated diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset from gut bacterial challenges. And the HU58™ product is a single-strain Bacillus subtilis HU58 probiotic when enhanced anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory support are needed for prolonged or stubborn microbial gut challenges*.

The Probiotic Restoration Guide also includes Mega IgG2000, a gentle toxin binder that works along with probiotics to enhance gut healing. Immunoglobulins (Ig) mop up and neutralize a range of disease-causing toxins from bacteria, mold and the environment, including C. difficile toxins A and B. Because Mega IgG2000 binds bacterial and fungal toxins and die-off products in the gut, it can help ease potential discomfort when starting high-powered probiotics*.

Discover suggested usage for each of these products as well as in-depth information and FAQ’s in the Probiotic Restoration Guide.

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