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Below are our favorite partner products. Over the years we developed relationships with other companies to provide you with additional and unique wellness tools, products and resources. Please visit our product store to see our recommended products.

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Be Young Essential Oils
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Be Young essential oils are truly 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. They have been tested and verified to meet the stringent E.O.B.B.D. therapeutic oil standards. These oils are not found in any store. Be Young essential oils are only available online.


Allimed Capsules
Allimed Liquid
Allimed Gel

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ALLIMED is considered physician’s strength stable allicin, the most potent garlic supplement available today. Garlic’s powerful antimicrobial ingredient allicin loses its potency quickly when crushed. For the first time in history, a stable form of allicin is now available that is uniquely different from all other garlic supplements.


Breathe Easy Kit
EC3 Environmental Kit
EC3 Sanitizer Fogger and Mold Solution Concentrate Bundle

Micro Balance Health Products
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Many sinus infections are caused by exposure to mold. Micro Balance Health Products provides safe, natural and cost-effective products for relief of mold-related sinus symptoms. They also enable mold sufferers to decrease mold spores and environmental toxins with products to treat the nose, clothes, living spaces and the circulating air.