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The Healing Power of Probiotics – eCourse

Probiotics have become the next big health trend. But despite all the media hype around probiotics, nobody is addressing the reason why you need them and what they actually do inside your body. In this free video e-course, you’ll discover how to restore your gut and unleash the power of your immune system using Probiotics.

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Herbal Remedies Revealed – eCourse

There are thousands of herbal remedies, supplements and products on the market. But it’s hard to tell which ones are best for stubborn bacterial challenges. In this free video e-course, you’ll discover key herbs and herbal blends with a proven track record and how to use them to support your body in addressing infections.

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Essential Oil eCourse

In this eCourse, Michelle shares her unique method to deliver a strong “1 – 2 – 3 punch” to skin and internal bacterial challenges using essential oils in three ways, including skin application, internal use and for cleaning and hygiene.

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