Canada MegaSporeBiotic Orders

Canadian Ordering FAQs

Canada OrdersQ: Which products can be shipped to Canada?
A: MegaSporeBiotic, RestorFlora and HU58 products may be shipped to Canada. And most other products made by Microbiome Labs may also be shipped to Canada.

IgG products, such as Mega IgG2000, may not be shipped to Canada due to Health Canada and Canadian Customs restrictions.

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Q: Which products CANNOT be shipped to Canada?
A: All Biocidin Botanical products, including Biocidin, Olivirex, GI Detox and ProFlora 4R, cannot be shipped to Canada. The Mega IgG2000 product by MicroBiome Labs cannot be shipped to Canada.

canada-quantity-restrictionQ: What are the quantity restrictions when shipping to Canada?
A: For each order, Canadian customs and/or Health Canada restricts the quantity to a 90 day supply of each product, which is usually 3 bottles.

For example, Canadian customers may order up to three bottles of MegaSporeBiotic (60 capsules) OR a single bottle of MegaSporeBiotic (180 capsules), plus up to three bottles of RestorFlora, plus up to three bottles of HU58.

Q: Is there FREE shipping to Canada?
A: Yes, Canadian shipping is FREE for orders over $200. Orders less than $200 will have shipping fees applied.

Q: What if products are not showing on the Shop page?
A: If you’re live in Canada, be sure that you’re placing your order from an IP address located in Canada to see products available to Canada. Products available to ship to Canada are located on this page here.

If you’re using a web browser VPN or VPN service using a non-Canadian IP location, choose a Canadian location. VPN services can use IP addresses of other countries. So if using a VPN, ensure it’s using a Canadian IP address/location in order to see products on this page.

Q: Can you ship to a United States address?
A: Yes. If you live in Canada you can order any of our products from our website ( shipped to a U.S. address. Note that if you are ordering from an IP and location inside Canada, our website will automatically hide certain products that are not available in Canada, so you will not see these products.

You can make these products visible by using a VPN with a USA location, or by calling us to place a phone order toll free at 888-660-8944 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm Mountain time). You may also contact us via our contact form, including your name, phone and best time to reach you, and we’ll call you back to place your order over the phone. Be sure to double check the correct shipping address and ensure that the person living at the shipping address will receive and hold the products for you.

Q: What about duties and taxes?
USPS International shipments to Canada build in duties and taxes as part of the shipping fee, so these fees are declared and paid for up front before shipment. Rarely, packages may be inspected, possibly resulting in a 5% duties fee that will be charged to the customer receiving the package.

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