SI Resource Kit

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The SI Resource Kit™ contains the two broad-spectrum botanical blends and a specially formulated probiotic in a single cost-saving kit, providing a two month supply.

  • One (1) Biocidin® Liquid
  • Two (2) Olivirex®
  • Two (2) Proflora®

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The SI Resource Kit™ contains the following botanical blends, probiotic and detox aid in a single cost-saving kit, providing a two month supply.

  • One (1) Biocidin® Liquid
  • Two (2) Olivirex®
  • Two (2) Proflora®

Suggested Usage:

3-part-protocol-guide-200x204Click here to download the 2-Month protocol chart for details on using the kit.


Kit Components:

Biocidin® Liquid – The Biocide Botanical Blend

Biocidin® contains a potent blend of botanicals for broad-spectrum gastrointestinal and immune support and to promote overall wellness. Backed by independent lab testing concluding the broad effects of its formula, Biocidin® is recommended by doctors of Integrative Medicine who help patients with recurring and resistant health challenges. Ideally suited for general health maintenance and support with cleansing programs.*

Biocidin® ingredients: Bilberry extract (25% anthocyanosides), Noni, Milk Thistle, Echinacea (purpurea & angustifolia), Goldenseal, Shiitake, White Willow (bark), Garlic, Grapeseed extract (min 90% polyphenols), Black Walnut (hull and leaf), Raspberry, Fumitory, Gentian, Tea Tree oil, Galbanum oil, Lavender oil (plant and flower), Oregano oil (plant and flower), Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol.

Olivirex® – The Olive Leaf Botanical Blend

Olivirex® combines standardized olive leaf extract with natural botanicals into a synergistic blend with enhanced broad-spectrum qualities. High Potency Olive Leaf extract (22-24% oleuropein content average) provides natural broad-spectrum action, supports the immune system and aids detoxification.

Olivirex® ingredients: Olive Leaf extract (organic, minimum 18% oleuropein content), 125 mg combination of the following: Garlic (plant), Goldenseal (root), Milk Thistle (seed), St. John’s Wort (plant), Uva Ursi (leaf), American Ginseng (root), Bladderwrack (plant), Cordycepts, Dandelion (root), Noni (dried fruit), White Willow (bark), Rice Flour and Vegetarian Capsule.

Proflora® – The Probiotic Flora Blend

The potent content of beneficial microbial flora inside probiotics promotes gastrointestinal balance to help the body digest food and absorb nutrients.* The unique formula of Proflora® contains the supernatent or microbial food needed for beneficial flora to thrive. The formula also contain a blend of synergistic natural components to optimize the growth of beneficial flora, inhibit unhealthy flora and soothe the intestinal tract.*

Proflora® ingredients: Distilled Water, L. Acidophilus fermentation, Bifidobacterium complex, Aloe Vera, Yucca, Lactobacillus salivarius, Chlorophyll, Peppermint, Ginger, Dandelion, Viola. Proflora® does not require refrigeration.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. (FDA) These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

About Bio-Botanical Products

Bio-Botanical Research products are formulated by health professionals. All products are manufactured in GMP certified facilities, and each ingredient is analyzed and certified for purity and quality.

All Bio-Botanical products are free of gluten, and capsules are made from vegetarian cellulose. Certified Organic or wild-crafted sources are used whenever possible. There are no fillers or additives used and all products are hypo-allergenic and are free of stearates and stearic acid.