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Herbal Remedies Revealed Thank you for attending Michelle’s eCourse Herbal Remedies Revealed. Below you’ll find different topics, areas of interest and products discussed in Michelle’s eCourse.

Michelle’s Favorite Products

cd-herbal-detox-kit-2022The CD Herbal Detox Kit™ combines Michelle’s favorite herbal blends and detox aid for intestinal challenges into one convenient kit. These three products provide broad-spectrum, multi-dimensional support to support your body in addressing gut microbial challenges on multiple fronts for optimum healing and recovery.

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SI Herbal LSF Kit 2022The SI Herbal LSF Kit combines Michelle’s favorite herbal blends for systemic support into one convenient kit. This kit contains the new Biocidin liposomal formula (LSF) that targets microbial and biofilm issues internally throughout the body, including the skin. Biocidin LSF and Olivirex provide broad-spectrum, multi-dimensional support to help your body address skin and internal microbial challenges.

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Gut microbial imbalances are an often overlooked cause or contributor to infection challenges, gut challenges and immune system imbalances. For best long-term results, be sure to consider adding a spore-based probiotic to your healing regimen. These sporebiotics are in a class of their own.

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Herbal Remedy Usage Guides

Click here to download the CD Herbal Detox Protocol (formulated for gut challenges) for recommendations on using the kit. Adobe PDF format.


Click here to download the SI Herbal LSF Protocol (formulated for systemic and skin challenges) for recommendations on using the kit. Adobe PDF format.


Michelle’s Books & e-Books

Treatments and remedies by themselves often are not enough to stop a stubborn infection. This is why antibiotic drugs and mainstream medicine so often fail. People have achieved the best results by attacking their infection on multiple fronts. That means combining remedies and treatments along with diet changes, immune support and preventative measures at the same time.

Knowing which methods to use and how to combine them safely and effectively into an overall strategy can be a daunting project for most people. But Michelle had to take on such a project when she struggled with her own recurring infections for over 4 years. After a lot of research and trial and error she was able to combine her knowledge of natural medicine with her background as a microbiologist to formulate a better way to handle chronic bacterial infections.

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After 4 years of struggling with recurring infections, Michelle learned there are 3 key steps that nearly everybody with stubborn skin and internal infections needs to recover and prevent recurring outbreaks. Using the 3 Step Method she pioneered, Michelle has been 100% drug-free and infection-free since 2004.

Now in it’s 5th edition, Michelle’s 326 page resource book is full of herbal remedies, essential oils and associated protocols for healing from antibiotic-resistant MRSA and Staph skin and internal infection challenges as well as secondary fungal infections.

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The Power of Probiotics – Michelle’s Highly Rated Video eCourse

Probiotics have become the next big health trend. But despite all the media hype around probiotics, nobody is addressing the reason why you need them and what they actually do inside your body. In this free video eCourse, you’ll discover how to restore your gut and unleash the power of your immune system using spore-based probiotics.

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Honest Essential Oils – Michelle’s Favorite Medicinal Quality Essential Oils

medicinal essential oils
There are hundreds of essential oil companies, each making impressive claims about the quality of their products. With all the marketing hype in the essential oil industry, it can be hard to know which products are safe and effective for demanding medicinal uses.

Learn more about our favorite essential oil supplier, whose oils have been in our medicine cabinet since 2005.