How to Order Essential Oils

Be Young Essential Oils

immune-pack-2015Be Young essential oils are truly 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. They have been tested and verified to meet the stringent E.O.B.B.D. therapeutic oil standards. These oils are not found in any store. Be Young essential oils are only available online. As quality is of the utmost importance, some oils may be occasionally out of stock.

Your get reduced pricing by signing up as a Distributor with Be Young. Otherwise, as a Product Partner you’ll pay full retail price.

Be Young ships to: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

If you are asked who referred you to Be Young, please tell them Michelle Moore ID #1422.

OPTION 1: Order as a Member (aka Distributor)

Why join as a Distributor? Distributors save money just like Costco or SAMS club members do, except it’s FREE to join. There’s no obligation to sell or market anything – you simply get the lowest possible pricing on Be Young’s products.

  • Save up to 20% over retail pricing
  • Free to join
  • No minimum purchase
  • No monthly purchase requirements
  • No marketing obligation
  • Free, personal website to manage your account and place orders

How to Order as a Distributor:

  1. Go to Michelle’s Be Young website:
  2. Click “Get Started”, then “Create an Account”.
  3. Click “Enroll Now” under Be A Distributor. NOTE: there is no obligation to distribute product or maintain a monthly autoship.
  4. Fill in your information, and be sure to write down the “username” and “password” you select.
  5. Log in to your new personal Be Young website to place your order:

If you have any issues placing your online order, please call us at 888-660-8944 and we’ll help walk you through the steps to become a Distributor.

OPTION 2: Order as a Product Partner

Product Partners pay full retail price. You can simply get Be Young oils as a retail customer (Product Partner) if you prefer.

How to Order as a Product Partner:

  1. Go to Michelle’s Be Young website:
  2. Click “Get Started”, then “Create an Account”.
  3. Click “Start Shopping” under Be A Product Partner
  4. Select the products you want and then Begin Checkout. If you’ve never ordered before, then create an account, or use the already registered box if you’ve ordered before.

If you have any issues placing your online order, please call us at 888-660-8944 and we’ll help you through the steps to become a retail Product Partner.


Can you find other oils online that are less expensive?

95% of essential oil on the market today are inferior oils made with chemical fragrances, artificial additives and diluents and potentially toxic chemical residues. With something as important as your health, I wouldn’t trust them. You get what you pay for when it comes to oils.

Less expensive usually means less effective. Virtually all oils labeled as “pure” and therapeutic can be legally diluted to 50% essential oil. And, many therapeutic and “pure” oils are also adulterated, impure and contain dangerous chemical residues.

Be Young’s oils are not diluted, are therapeutic, are EOBBD tested, wild-crafted or organic, and are free from toxic chemicals and pesticides. These are by far the best oils I have found.

Do you have to sell oils if you become a Distributor?

Most Be Young distributors do not sell the oils. There is no requirement to sell the oils if you are a Distributor and you will not get any pressure from either Be Young or me to do so. There are no monthly minimum purchases and no other obligations.

As a member, you simply get the lowest price on Be Young oils. You also get a personal Be Young account website where you can access your account, view shipping information and place orders through your member account. While reduced pricing and a personal account website were designed by Be Young as tools for people selling and marketing the oils, anyone can become a Distributor without any obligations.

Does Be Young ship outside the United States?

Be Young ships only to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. No other countries can be shipped to at this time.

Why are some oils out of stock?

Be Young uses only the highest quality essential oil sources, many of which are small farms and in remote areas with limited distribution. Therefore, some essential oils may be temporarily out of stock from time to time. And often times, oils are really in stock even though the website says “out of stock”. Be Young has been growing quickly and the web site isn’t updated as often as it could be. If you find an oil labeled as “out of stock”, call Be Young to verify if it is or not.

Affiliate disclosure

I formed a relationship with Dana Young, founder of Be Young oils many years ago because of his dedication to purity and his high quality essential oil line. I became an affiliate (ID# 1422) with Be Young Total Health and I receive a commission from sales of certain items if you click through and purchase from Be Young Total Health, but the price is the same for you. As our business has grown, so have the associated costs with running and maintaining it, and commissions help offset these costs. I stand firmly behind any product listed on my site, I use these products and I also recommend them to our family and friends.